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This Manifesto was written in the hope that by knowing our philosophy and intentions we can better maintain the trust between our users. This whole market we created is based on pure trust between us and you, as a user. I really hope that as time goes on I will demonstrate that our intentions is to create a place where people can have a freedom of choice, a freedom to pursuit their own happiness. It has been an honor to serve all of you, to receive all those emails about how happy you are because of us, our service, our reliability and consistency. We are more than happy to know that with us you can obtain a drug of your choice in a safe way without interacting with shady characters on a shady and unsafe corners. This is the main principle behind our store. Our website. Our Market. We want to create a drug market that can be in a safe and private way easily accessible by any adult that has a right to choose what he or she will do with his/her body.

By using ADVANCED technology and cryptography that is open to everyone we want to create a safe, fast and easily accessible drug market that will serve the customers, treat everyone of you like you should be treated. A drug market where EVERY dispute will be taken care of in private. A drug market where EVERY complaint will be a sign for us that we need to change something. A drug market where you will never be scammed. We STRONGLY believe that by creating a positive customer experience, this experience will be shared with other people (friends, family and other connections) which in turn will allow our drug market to grow and be number ONE at a zero cost.

This drug market is not regulated by us, it's regulated by market desires and need's of the potential customers. Freedom of choice is fundamental to an open society. Pursuit of happiness is one of them.

Purpose of this drug market is mainly to serve you, your needs and desires. Our risk for your happiness. Someone has to keep everything in control. That someone is US. In order for you to have access to every drug, every time you want, we are here. Operated 24/7. Without weekends. Without rest.

In black market, brands are hard to establish themselves. It's not like you can just hang out in the hood with a sign - "I'm selling drugs" with a number to call on it. This greatly increases the risk of getting hazardous and toxic drugs. Harm reduction should be a part of free drug market. This is where internet drug networks could help.

About the DRUGS and MORALITY: Do Adults have a moral right to the freedom of using and experimenting with dangerous drugs? In liberal societies, there is a general presumption that adults have a right to live as seems good to themselves, provided that they do not violate the rights of others, and in particular that they have a right to do what they choose to their own bodies and minds, including unhealthy and dangerous things such as drugs.

About the WAR ON DRUGS and POLICE: Our stance on this one is that Police should use their resources more on other more dangerous criminals that poses very high treat not only to society, but for the Government alike. For example, child predators and terrorists. Nowadays modern terrorists is more likely to do harm by keyboard than bomb. Non-violent drug crimes should not be a priority for international Law Enforcement Agencies.

By creating online drug markets and sharing necessary security tools, forums full of information exchanges we want to become a political opposition to the War on Drugs and their violence drugs-free world strategies than done more harm to people than good.


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FREEDOM is everything